Hiley Tiger T8 Pro Dual Motor Electric Scooter

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  • 600W x2

    Dual Hub Motor

  • 31 MILES

    Miles per Charge(estimate)

  • 25°

    Climbing Angle

  • 15.6 Ah

    48V Lithium-ion Battery

  • 31+ Mph

    Top Speed

  • 280 lbs

    Max Load


The Dual 600W hub motor on the wheels can provide the peak power output of 2000W, which is powered by 2x20A speed controllers, maintaining the optimal performance of the e-scooter at all times.

  • The Dual 600W hub motor

    1000W*2 Peak Power
    Allows the top speed up to 34 MPH.
  • Dual Drum Brakes

    Dual Drum brakes+EBS system .
    You will be able to stop safely in a second.


Equipped with a smart LCD display, speed, battery, range, everything you need to know at a glance.


Equipped with the 48V/15.6Ah lithium-ion battery, it's able to reach more than 30 miles long-distance riding.


Dual Drum Brake plus EBS system ensure you a safe and smooth sudden brake.


The front and rear independent suspension can greatly absorb the discomfort caused by rough roads.

Solid Tires

Super Motor Drive

Replaceable Waterproof Battery

Front & Rear Dual Fenders

Super-bright LED Lights

Dual Shock Absorption


Dual Hub Motor, 600W x 2


8 inches Solid Tire


Smart LCD Display

Max Range

31 Miles

Self Weight

53 lbs


48V/15.6Ah Lithium-ion battery

Charging Time

8 Hours

Climbing Angle

20 degrees

Frame Material

Ultra Strong Aluminum Alloy 6061


31+ MPH


Dual Spring Suspension


Dual Drum Brake + EBS

Payload Capacity

Max. 280 lbs


Deck ligh & Acrylic Light Brake light

Deck Pad Material


  1. Overall length: 43.3”
  2. Handlebar Length: 22.8”
  3. Overall Height: 46.5”

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Bob S.
Huge suprise in it's torque and takeoff speed.Would rate this 6 stars out of 5 if it were possible.

This scooter is priced at $1,300. 00 and up in other models with diffrent names. There's not a hill it won't climb. Excellent battery management also. As far as its range i get 22-24 miles using a mixture of eco and turbo modes and i weigh 200lbs, plus i carry a heavy backpack. Have gotten up to 29mph on flats with no bookbag on. Ive read about rear fenders breaking off and so far mine is fine. Although i think its due to the fact that i dont particularly ride off of high curbs or jump the scooter. So far its still intact. For those who are wondering this scooter has a ip 54 Dust/water resistant rating. I rode to work one night in pouring down rain with gusty wind and was drenched along with the scooter. I was worried about it damaging the scooter electric parts but it did not affect it at all. While this isnt water proof, i wouldn't submerge it in water, but you can ride in the rain. A little worthwhile change would be to go into the P-settings, hold both buttons down until p settings come on.then program the code 2626. then hold the top button down to enter p mode. Press till you come to number 7, then change it to the N-soft) mode. you will notice a huge power increase as it produces instantaneous, no lag response! You will be able to pop and ride wheelies on this beast if you like. After changing to N-soft mode Hold on tight as the takeoff power is like a 🚀. 5 stars out of 5. You wont be disappointed!!

Brandon Alonzo
Great over all, one flaw

My rear fender broke riding over the lip of my driveway. No crash. Simply riding over a bump broke the rear fender. Disappointed in this design and engineering failure.

We will send you one new rear fender for replacement.

Jodi Bruno

The T8 Pro has been a great scooter. It has excellent power and the battery charge is sufficient for long rides. I haven't tracked the distance or concentrated on the exact speed to it can achieve, but has given me the overall power and distance needed for my use. It is everything that was advertised.

Jerard Kam

Excellent Electric Scooter, Well Build, Long lasting Battery, Safety Light. This is by far the best electric scooter I've ever used, with dual suspension system, very smooth riding experience.

William Hays

I've only had it for a week and so far I love it it is a very powerful scooter. This scooter is by far the best scooter i have ever owned. well worth the money. the scooter is build solid and the ride is so good. acceleration is amazing, just over all a great scooter. I highly recommend this scooter for anyone who want to have fun and ride up hills. this scooter takes hills like its nothing.