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This is definitely the best scooter. The workmanship is fine, there are no defects, the price is cheap, and everything is in good condition. Definitely buy it for you. I bought it and got good service.

I have now owned the scooter for a couple of weeks and it feels very solid. There is no stem wobble or any wobble at all when going full speed. I really like the suspension as well since it makes no noise, even when jumping with it and is generally very comfortable. The range on this scooter seems to never end. I have yet to run the battery empty. Probably one of the best scooters in this pricerange?

The T8 Pro has been a great scooter. It has excellent power and the battery charge is sufficient for long rides. I haven't tracked the distance or concentrated on the exact speed to it can achieve, but has given me the overall power and distance needed for my use. It is everything that was advertised.

Tiger T10 Pro scooter is absolutely amazing! I love everything about it! The customer service is even better! I had an issue and got a hold of customer service they responded right away. They kept in touch with me until the issue was resolved! I greatly appreciate that! 10 stars for the customer service.

Excellent Electric Scooter, Well Build, Long lasting Battery, Safety Light. This is by far the best electric scooter I've ever used, with dual suspension system, very smooth riding experience.

I've been seeing everyone with electric scooters everywhere and I've been wanting one for the longest time. This just meets all my expectations. This Hiley scooter is not cheap but worthy. First, it is HEAVY and definitely not a toy scooter. The wheels are giant and equipped with 8.5 inch aire tires. Also, the front wheel has shock absorbers which made riding smooth. Folding is also quick and can be done with a single hand. Generally, I'm getting a top speed of 30 mph and about 30 miles which are really far for me. The front LED headlight is helpful when riding at night. Overall, this is not a toy but a vehicle. This is well worth my money.

I've only had it for a week and so far I love it it is a very powerful scooter. This scooter is by far the best scooter i have ever owned. well worth the money. the scooter is build solid and the ride is so good. acceleration is amazing, just over all a great scooter. I highly recommend this scooter for anyone who want to have fun and ride up hills. this scooter takes hills like its nothing.

Most underrated scooter on the market

This is the perfect scooter for thrillists. This has to be one of the quickest scooters on the market. Incredibly sleek and minimalist design. Very light. Low center of gravity with airless tires. This scooter has everything for both beginners and experts.

So Much Fun!

The Tiger 8 pro is a fine beginner and intermediate e scooter. I might upgrade to the faster model in the future.

Best Value

Looks good, rides good, price is nice. There may be faster scooters with more bells and whistles, but the T8 is perfect.

This product is really good for city life. I recommend the scooter to college students who just want to go on their college or university. The battery life is also really good.

I love this scooter and all the features it has It has great speed and the battery life lasts so long. Im happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend this scooter to anyone who wants to have fun riding.

I am really glad to have picked out the Electric Scooter Its very convenient to get around campus and to my classes. The battery life is actually really good I love the two modes that I can change into as well as the cruise control. Overall, a perfect scooter for fun and useful way to get around campus and town.

I'm amazed by how fun it is to ride this scooter. You can just charge it in at night. This scooter has cut my commute time in half and made riding to anywhere so much fun. Definitely recommend!

This review was collected as part of a promotion.I got this recently and this is my first electric scooter. I love the design and the fact that folds so easily. Its very easy to ride.

This is great for my son. We usually go hiking and my son love it. It is also a perfect weight so I can easily carry it on the way

Great value. I didn't want to but the cheapest or most expensive so this was a great middle ground and did not disappoint. My 14 year old loved it and has had it since his birthday with no issues. The speed is just appropriate for his age and the battery holds a good charge.

It is one of the best things I have bought. It has a long lasting battery. It charges very fast, you can take it anywhere. Practical and easy to use. It contains adecuadas velocities. I am so happy with this decision. It worth it! Also it looks nice and cute.

Love it

I’m extremely satisfied with my new scooter. I can only hope that customer service and tech support are up to standards if help is needed in the future. Would also love if a sales manager or technician would contact me in a few weeks to explain how one purchases tires or any other parts that need replacement over time. Someone to provide tips and pearls regarding the scooter. Also website said 30mph I can’t pass 27??

100% would recommend to new comers to electric scootersIt's well made.
Excellent scooter. Easy to operate and store, the scooter performs nicely.

I really like this scooter. It's my first one and Im looking forward to seeing how it holds up. Especially the battery life and range capability perfect.

Its an absolute joy to ride and the best thing is that, it's affordable! I will definitely recommend this scooter to any one looking for one. You will not regret it.

Quality of the scooter is amazing and worth the money. Customer service is also very good . I will definitely suggest this scooter to one who are looking to buy a good quality scooter.

This is a great scooter I love it, you will not regret it I promise, very fast up to that is ll you need. I do really recommend this item!!!!!!

I would like to said the scooter it's very nice, it's like the pictures said. In the future I would like to buy another one.