fastest electric scooter for adults

Top 5 Fastest Electric Scooter For Adults in 2022

Riding an electric kick scooter isn't the most fashionable way to get around. You're standing perfectly still and upright, flying around like a penguin on wheels. However, reducing our reliance on gas-guzzling automobiles is both cool and important. If riding a bike or an electric bike isn't your thing, e-scooters are another environmentally friendly way to travel relatively short distances without using fossil fuels. They fold up easily, are lighter than e-bikes (sometimes), and eliminate the need to rely on public transportation. Simply get on and go. These scooters may not be the fastest electrical scooter but are among the best electric scooter for adults.   

Let’s look into few of the electric scooters:

Segway Ninebot F30 Fastest Electric Scooter

Segway Ninebot f30 Fastest Electric Scooter

Anyone new to electric scooters should start with the Segway Ninebot F30. It excels at the fundamentals, from a headlight that illuminates dark streets reliably to a functional front and rear brake system that quickly brings you to a halt. After a few seconds, cruise control kicks in, so you don't have to hold the throttle down, and a beep alerts you. The bell on the handlebars is also designed so that you shouldn't have to look down for it. Segway Ninebot F30 can be easily termed as one of the feature-loaded electric scooters for adults. The F30 has a digital display for viewing ride data, but it can also connect to Segway's companion app via Bluetooth to configure settings, update the scooter's firmware, and lock it in place.  

It's not too heavy to carry up a flight of stairs at 33 pounds. The spacious deck and handlebars are tall enough for your lanky arms to grab making for a comfortable ride. The 10-inch pneumatic tires absorb many of the road's bumps, so expect smooth gliding unless you're riding on cobblestone streets. The 300-watt motor on the F30's Sport mode (the fastest of three) is a very good option for a fast electric scooter that can reach 15 miles per hour, the problem is that it struggles with steep hills and range.

Gotrax G3 Fastest Electric Scooter

Gotrax G3 Fastest Electric Scooter

Gotrax's G3 provides nearly the same experience as the Segway for a much lower price.

It has a speed of 15 mph (powered by a 350-watt motor), and Gotrax also claims 18 miles per charge. With a climb like the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City, the battery will deplete much faster. It's ideal for short trips in flat terrain.  The Segway has a few more appealing features, such as a brighter headlight and an intuitive bell, but the G3 does not disappoint.

Its 8.5-inch tube tyres absorb road imperfections well, and the rear disc brake stops it instantly neither is as impactful as the F30. It also has an LED display to display speed and battery power, it also has a bell, the front light, a taillight, and plus cruise control, and the plus point is that it only weighs only 36 pounds and folds quickly. The G3 also includes a few anti-theft features. When you turn it on, you'll be prompted to enter a code in order to unlock the display and operate the scooter. It is a very good option for an electric scooter for heavy adults.

Gotrax Apex Fastest Electric Scooter

Gotrax Apex Fastest Electric Scooter

Buy the Gotrax G3 if you can find it for less than $400. If it's back to its original price, go with the Apex. It's lighter at 32 pounds, and it folds up just as easily. It includes a bell and a digital display that displays your speed and battery life. It can go up to 15 mph and no faster—the 250-watt motor slows down even when going downhill to ensure it never exceeds the top speed. The Apex is dependable. It's not the most comfortable ride. The motor struggles with any kind of slight incline, and slopes quickly drain the battery. 

Apollo City Fastest Electric Scooter

Apollo City Fastest Electric Scooter

Stick with the Apollo City if you want to avoid range anxiety while still having enough power to climb most hills. Thanks to its 500-watt motor, this pricey escooter can reach speeds of up to 27 mph. Even if you limit its speed in the phone app to comply with local laws, it will easily climb up slopes. There are even turn signals! The front and rear brakes are reliable, and there is a regenerative braking system to improve fuel economy. 

Apollo Ghost Fastest Electric Scooter

Apollo Ghost Fastest Electric Scooter

The Apollo Ghost is not a scooter for walkups, but it is a lot of fun. The dual 800-watt motors can propel you to 34 miles per hour (if that's legal in your area), Why would you want that much acceleration? Two motors can create more torque, which comes in handy when climbing steep hills. On bright days, the dual displays are difficult to read, but one of them displays ride data such as battery life, speed, and mode. Apollo Ghost can easily be the best adult electric scooter.

Summing Up

If you want to get around town quickly while reducing your carbon footprint, an e-bike or electric scooter could be the answer. These electric scooters make sense for short-distance travel, especially given how difficult it is to social distance on public transportation.