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Great scooter

I’ve owned 2 of these scooter and have been really impressed, I use them daily for work and school, they are really solid scooters and the customer support is outstanding to say the least.

I keep up with traffic now!

This thing is FAST! It is all the speed that I need to keep with traffic and avoid being ran over between one stop sign and another and lights.

Coming from an E-TWOW GT, the Tiger 8 is heavy. It is recommended that it is carried using two hand, which limits your ability to open door and stuff as you are carrying it. It is less convenient to carry and is not paritcularly light.

I am used to solid tires. The grip is adequate but the roads do get rough on those philly streets.

I am trying to get used to the brakes- the electronic breaking that engages and disengages make the braking experience a bit of a mess. It feels sometimes that you cannot get the right amount of pressure to stop without over or under stopping. Still learning it and I know that it can be adjusted.

The scooter is not very small. I had to find a storage solution for it in my house.

As far as battery goes, I am 220lbs and push it hard. After 12 miles, it went below half and performance very slightly declined.

Great scooter for the price

For the price I believe this is a very very high quality scooter. They do need to update photos the buttons are not the cheap one they are actually the decent buttons. Suspension is good the headlight is phenomenal. However my personal dislikes are a little bit of stem wobble, and there’s no latch to latch down the stem for the floor board. When it first came in the brakes were way to much with the motor braking too but emailed and got it directions on how to fix it. On and im about 260ish and this scooter climbs amazing. Can’t speak about the range but I’d assume you can go about 30 miles round trip in the real world safely. HILEY tiger 10 1000w motors

Huge suprise in it's torque and takeoff speed.Would rate this 6 stars out of 5 if it were possible.

This scooter is priced at $1,300. 00 and up in other models with diffrent names. There's not a hill it won't climb. Excellent battery management also. As far as its range i get 22-24 miles using a mixture of eco and turbo modes and i weigh 200lbs, plus i carry a heavy backpack. Have gotten up to 29mph on flats with no bookbag on. Ive read about rear fenders breaking off and so far mine is fine. Although i think its due to the fact that i dont particularly ride off of high curbs or jump the scooter. So far its still intact. For those who are wondering this scooter has a ip 54 Dust/water resistant rating. I rode to work one night in pouring down rain with gusty wind and was drenched along with the scooter. I was worried about it damaging the scooter electric parts but it did not affect it at all. While this isnt water proof, i wouldn't submerge it in water, but you can ride in the rain. A little worthwhile change would be to go into the P-settings, hold both buttons down until p settings come on.then program the code 2626. then hold the top button down to enter p mode. Press till you come to number 7, then change it to the N-soft) mode. you will notice a huge power increase as it produces instantaneous, no lag response! You will be able to pop and ride wheelies on this beast if you like. After changing to N-soft mode Hold on tight as the takeoff power is like a 🚀. 5 stars out of 5. You wont be disappointed!!

Worth my money ty

My first scooter i realy love it it got here fast and Hassel free I love this thing put 11 miles on it already 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

bend over

suck my dick

Great over all, one flaw

My rear fender broke riding over the lip of my driveway. No crash. Simply riding over a bump broke the rear fender. Disappointed in this design and engineering failure.

We will send you one new rear fender for replacement.

This is definitely the best scooter. The workmanship is fine, there are no defects, the price is cheap, and everything is in good condition. Definitely buy it for you. I bought it and got good service.

I have now owned the scooter for a couple of weeks and it feels very solid. There is no stem wobble or any wobble at all when going full speed. I really like the suspension as well since it makes no noise, even when jumping with it and is generally very comfortable. The range on this scooter seems to never end. I have yet to run the battery empty. Probably one of the best scooters in this pricerange?

The T8 Pro has been a great scooter. It has excellent power and the battery charge is sufficient for long rides. I haven't tracked the distance or concentrated on the exact speed to it can achieve, but has given me the overall power and distance needed for my use. It is everything that was advertised.

Tiger T10 Pro scooter is absolutely amazing! I love everything about it! The customer service is even better! I had an issue and got a hold of customer service they responded right away. They kept in touch with me until the issue was resolved! I greatly appreciate that! 10 stars for the customer service.

Excellent Electric Scooter, Well Build, Long lasting Battery, Safety Light. This is by far the best electric scooter I've ever used, with dual suspension system, very smooth riding experience.

I've been seeing everyone with electric scooters everywhere and I've been wanting one for the longest time. This just meets all my expectations. This Hiley scooter is not cheap but worthy. First, it is HEAVY and definitely not a toy scooter. The wheels are giant and equipped with 8.5 inch aire tires. Also, the front wheel has shock absorbers which made riding smooth. Folding is also quick and can be done with a single hand. Generally, I'm getting a top speed of 30 mph and about 30 miles which are really far for me. The front LED headlight is helpful when riding at night. Overall, this is not a toy but a vehicle. This is well worth my money.

I've only had it for a week and so far I love it it is a very powerful scooter. This scooter is by far the best scooter i have ever owned. well worth the money. the scooter is build solid and the ride is so good. acceleration is amazing, just over all a great scooter. I highly recommend this scooter for anyone who want to have fun and ride up hills. this scooter takes hills like its nothing.

Love it

Customer service has been awesome. Me and my 13-year-old daughter both have one and we love them.

Hiley tiger 8 p

Tiger8 p Best scooter ever and not only that the customer Service is like nothing I ever experienced before great customers service they always reply there so helpful I would give them a Rating of 10 stars if I could thank you guys.


The The scooter is very fast and is very reliable.

Pros and Cons

I love the scoot scoot. It's a great mix of speed, decent weight for going up steps, folding handlebars, and enough range.

I do have the same issue others have mentioned though, and my rear plastic fender has cracked. No super rough riding to report. Can you send a replacement for me?

My Tiger 8 scooter

It’s great, I’d finally have a decent electric scooter to enjoy riding.

Amazing scooter

This scooter is simply amazing. It is very powerful and it gets me wherever I want to go whether its steep hills, off roads, and regular roads. Highly recommended! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++


This scooter is straight GAS!!! For the price, you cannot go wrong. It is powerful, fast, good looking & just all around a solid scooter. I'm not a light rider but this thing has no problem getting up to top speed. 10/10 recommend!!!!!


It is still fast but only goes 25 now on a full charge haven’t overcharged it or anything

Hiley rider

There customer service is phenomenal!!! Any enquiries or issues will be responded to and addressed asap.

Great buy!

Super happy with these scooters. Bought one for me and the wife and I’m impressed by the quality. The only thing I don’t like is when I change the LED color from the phone app, it changes both scooters at once which is a little annoying. The torque and top speed are crazy good on these bad boys. What a blast!