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About hileyrider

Like you and everyone else living in urban areas around the world, we have always hated getting stuck in traffic and driving around pointlessly in search of free parking spaces. That’s why we instantly fell in love when the first electric scooters graced the urban roads! Like you, we were fascinated by these lightweight micro-mobility vehicles. Besides being the perfect solution for annoying urban congestion problems, the electric scooters were extremely friendly to the environment as well – another reason to love them! These electric devices with their zero-carbon nature are exactly what we need to tackle climate change! So, yes, we became obsessed with these revolutionary personal mobility vehicles! We had our fingers crossed in the hope that electric scooters will soon invade all urban metropolises across the globe and send gas-guzzling cars back to home – but that didn’t happen. Despite being a revolutionary product, the revolution we were anticipating didn’t set in! And that’s when we became alarmed! We spent months analyzing the market, unveiling all the reasons that prevented electric scooters from becoming a universal product for urban commuters. We scrutinized the products from all top brands out there to analyze what was wrong – and found that most manufacturers lacked in their products the delicate ‘balance’ between various conflicting specs. Our obsession was turning into mania – and that’s when it hit us. We could totally roll out urban commuters perfectly balanced in all aspects! Because why not? We had just carried out an insanely comprehensive analysis of the market and we were well aware of all the points lacking in products offered by even the industry leaders. We knew not all people want wild machines with giant motors. Or fragile commuters that can’t stand the first challenge an unwelcoming terrain throws at them. We knew the perfect balance between the two extremes and we were more than happy to share our valuable addition to the e-scooter market and with people around the world. We started a factory in Zhejiang China, raised some serious investment from like-minded investors, and started making the ’perfect‘ urban e-scooters. Our young team of engineers and designers were all driven by the passion to help bring the e-scooter revolution and to be at the forefront of the change! After selling our initial products in Singapore and getting an overwhelming response, we decided to go global! Since our launch, our capabilities have seen quite an improvement. We have the CNC machines to help us develop state-of-the-art new products with high-end finishes. We have a professional and trained QC team to make sure every product that leaves our doors is of highest quality possible. We have come a long way ever since our inception – and we don’t plan to slow down!


About Tiger T8 Pro Dual motor E-scooter

A 32 mph & solid tire city commuter electric scooter.

We worked with a design group and made a unique scooter based on most Hiley riders’ needs.

Tiger T8 Pro will meet your 99% of on-road riding needs!

Dual Hub 600W Motor 8 inches Solid tires Dual Drum Brake
Top Speed: 31+ MPH Max Range: 30 Miles 280 lbs
Deck Lights & Side Acrylic Lights Quality Construction 1-Year Warranty

About Maxspeed X9 E-Scooter

A 28 mph & 8.5 inches tire city commuter electric scooter.

Head light with horn, front & rear deck light, acrylic side light.

We worked with a design group and made a unique scooter based on most Hiley riders’ needs

Hiley Maxspeed X9 will meet your 99% of on-road riding needs!

Single Hub 600W Motor 8.5 inches tires Dual Drum Brake
Top Speed: 28 MPH Max Range: 28 Miles 280 lbs
Deck Lights & Side Acrylic Lights Quality Construction 1-Year Warranty

About Hileyrider Team

At Hileyrider, our mission is to make other people as passionate about electric scooters as we are! We combine excitement with the responsibility to the environment. Our products are the epitome of sustainability – that means no fluids, no oils, no fuel, and no emissions. Besides that, our silent motors mean you won’t be contributing to noise pollution as well!

Our electric scooters are lightweight yet sturdy. They feature a sleek and foldable design, optimized for the urban commute. Safety and convenience are two key tenets of our design – and no compromise has been made on either of them! With an adequately powerful motor and long-range battery, our scooters offer an easy and fun way for every urban commuter to move around with utmost peace of mind, all while leaving no carbon footprint!