kids riding an electric scooter

How To Ride A Electric Scooter ?

A scooter is an excellent mode of transportation. Scooters are much more efficient than cars in general and can get you to your destination much faster than walking. Scooters are classified into three types: kick scooters, stand-up electric scooters, and motor scooters. Each type of scooter operates differently and has its own set of rules and regulations. Check the owner's manual for specific instructions for your scooter. 

In this blog you will be reading some important tips for riding a kick scooter and electric scooter:

How To Ride Kick Scooter?

Step-01 You Should Wear Protective Gears

Make sure you wear a bike helmet. Even if you don't think you need one, a helmet will keep you safe, especially when you're learning. Wear knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards to protect yourself if you fall. 

Step-02 Begin On A Flat, Paved Road

Locate a long, flat stretch of road with a few cracks and potholes as possible. This ensures a smooth ride and makes learning easier. It will also take fewer attempts to push yourself forward. 

Step-03 A Proper Posture Is Important

Place your weak leg in the centre of the deck of the scooter. It should be oriented directly ahead. You should have your knee bent. Lean slightly forward and grip the handlebars with both hands. Manage your other foot on the ground. 

To balance the scooter you require to keep its front tube directly throughout all times while riding. It is the key to balancing the scooter. 

Step-04 With Your Strong Leg, Push Off The Ground

Use your strong leg to push off the ground while your planted leg is firmly in position on the board and bent at the knee. This will help you progress. Straighten your planted leg as you kick to garner more momentum, then bend it back with your next kick. To kick, take long, powerful strides rather than short, quick ones. Make contact with the ground with the ball of your foot and push back as if running. To glide, keep your kicking foot elevated, perhaps a few inches off the ground, so you can stabilise yourself if you begin to tip. 

Step- 05 When You Have Enough Momentum, Balance Both Feet On Your Scooter

Once you've regained your balance and gained some speed, place your kicking foot behind your other foot on the scooter. Turn your feet at a 90-degree angle, as if you were riding a skateboard. This will allow you to travel at a faster and more aerodynamic speed. 


Step-06 When Necessary, Smoothly Apply The Brakes

To come to a complete stop, apply the brake with your back (kicking) foot. Maintain your foot in place for a few seconds unless you come to a complete stop. Slowly apply the brake to avoid coming to a sudden stop. If you only tap the break once, you will stop for a second and then continue.

To use the handbrakes, gently squeeze the brakes with your fingers. They will be mounted on your handlebars.

  • Do not rely solely on your brakes to control your speed.
  • Make sure you're not kicking too hard.
  • To slow down, lightly drag your kicking foot on the ground.
  • When doing this, make sure you're wearing sturdy shoes. 

Step-07 To Turn, Rotate The Handlebar

Take a turn by slowly rotating the handlebar in the desired direction. You may fall if you make a sudden swerve. 

Step-08 Follow Safety Precautions

Maintain a safe speed. Keep an eye out for pedestrians, especially in urban areas. Make certain that you are always in control of your scooter and that you can stop when necessary. 

  • If you go too fast down a hill, you will probably lose control. When heading downhill, keep one foot on the brake and lightly press it as you go. This will keep you from speeding up or losing control.

  • Always yield to cars and pull over to the side of the road if you hear one approaching.

  • Always obey stop signs as well as other traffic laws.

  • Just jump off your scooter if you're going to collide with something. To accomplish this, jump and land with the deck of the scooter between your feet. Then release the handlebars. It's one of the ways to avoid injury in a scooter accident. 

How To Ride A Electric Scooter?

Step-01 You Need To Buy An Electric Scooter

An electric scooter will set you back at least $1,000. The Hiley Maxspeed X9 electric scooter costs $799, while the Hiley Tiger T8 Pro costs $999. Both scooters are extremely powerful and excellent electric scooters for daily use. 

Step-02 You Need To Charge Your Scooter 

Ensure your scooter is charged up before you leave. You should be fine by plugging it in once a week for a few hours. 

Understand your scooter's limitations. The Hiley Scooter has a range of 31 miles. 

Step-03 You Should Have A Full-Face Helmet 

If you intend to ride your scooter at speeds exceeding 25 km/h on a regular basis, a full-face helmet is preferable. Falling at this speed can result in serious injuries, including fractures. Without a helmet, you could lose your teeth or break your jaw. It is critical to protect your head from these injuries. 

Step-04 Place Both Of Your Feet On The Deck. 

Your feet should be firmly planted on the deck and should not leave it unless you need to exit the scooter. Place your feet next to each other in the centre of the deck, facing straight ahead.

When travelling at high speeds, tilt your feet to the same side for a more aero stance. 

Step-05 Use Your Right Hand To Accelerate

To accelerate, use your ride thumb to press the throttle button. Keep pressing the throttle until you reach your desired speed. 

Step-06 It Is Advisable To Use Brakes With Your Left Hand

To gradually slow down, press the brakes with your left thumb. You can also slow down by using the foot brake on the back of your scooter. Simply apply the brake by moving one foot to the back of the scooter while keeping the other planted in front. 

Step-07 To Turn, Turn The Handlebars.  

If you don't make gradual turns, you'll fall! Slowly turn your handlebars to the right or left, based on which way you want to go. 

Step-08 Fold Up The Scooter When Not In Use

With your foot, press the release button on your scooter and fold it in half until it clicks into place. Also, fold in the handlebars. When you fold your scooter, you can easily transport and store it when you are not riding it. 

Step-09 Follow Traffic Rules

Follow traffic rules and come to a complete stop at stop signs. Yield to cars and pedestrians at all times. On crowded sidewalks, avoid going at full speed.

Check to see if riding the scooter is legal in your area. There are still restrictions on where you can and cannot ride an electric scooter. Check with the local DMV to learn about the laws in your area. 

Summing Up

You now understand the fundamentals of riding an electric scooter. It's actually not that difficult; most people can get started in about ten minutes. Safety equipment is essential because you'll be cruising at high speeds once you've gotten used to your e-scooter.